Lummus Park is the stretch of palm trees you see in the movies with girls rollerblading in bikini tops. (You'll also recognize it from Miami Vice-it was frequently the setting for the classic show's chase scenes). Running ten blocks from 5th to 15th Street, it's the main gateway to South Beach's waterfront, and a focal point of South Beach culture.
To one side of the park is Ocean Drive, with its landmarked Art Deco buildings and neon signs. Seafood restaurants and casual beach bars with terraces line the street, and a constant parade of pedestrians make the sidewalks a great spot for people watching. Daily drag shows at the Palace bar always draw a crowd, with fabulously-dressed divas stopping traffic as they dance to pop ballads and up-tempo classics.
To the other side of Lummus Park is South Beach's most visited attraction-the beach itself. It's the main reason many travelers visit Miami in the first place, and it's no wonder. Miles of white sand and gentle waves, not to mention the simultaneous see-and-be-seen and laid-back vibes make this one of the world's most favorite beaches.
Lummus Park is much more than a simple midpoint between Ocean Drive and the beach, however. The only sizeable public access-point to the beach, the park is filled with outdoor gyms, volleyball courts, and even play structures for the little ones. The winding walkway, busy with pedestrians, rollerbladers, bikers, and joggers, is also a must-see.
A visit to Lummus Park will bring you right into the heart of South Beach culture, so be sure to snap a selfie or a family photo by the palm trees!

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