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Miami Beach Things to Do on Ocean Drive Miami


Ocean Drive is the most famous of all Miami Beach tourist attractions. It's a colorful and ever-lively strip of hotels and restaurants-most of which don the neighborhood's signature Art Deco style architecture-on one side and palm trees and the sands of South Beach on the other. Whether you want to take a stroll through and quickly check out the crowds, or spend a day drinking and sunbathing, there's no reason to pass on Ocean Drive during your stay at the Blue Moon Hotel, which is just a couple blocks away.


The neighborhood of Ocean Drive is South Beach, and in many ways the two define one another. Located right next to each other, Ocean Drive is the city's closest point to the shores and the ocean. After perusing inland on Collins Avenue and shopping at the Lincoln Road Mall, be sure to come back down towards the water and spend some time on Ocean Drive. Right on the street there are a number of critically acclaimed restaurants, bars and clubs.

Things To Check Out

Of all the attractions on Ocean Drive, the main thing you need to do was walk the strip. On the sidewalk with the hotels and buildings, you can take in the scene of bustling tourism and restaurant hosts and hostesses goading you to sit down and order a drink. Across the way, be sure to buy a coconut off a local and take it down to the water where the peace of the ocean is in one direction and the chaos of the city in the other.
In terms of ongoing happenings, one of Ocean Drive's most well known and coveted attractions is a drag show outside of Palace Bar-be sure to take in the entertainment with a bloody mary or mimosa. Art Deco Weekend is a full on cultural celebration of art and architecture every January.
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