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Miami Beach Sushi Couture Restaurant

Sushi Couture is a force among Miami Beach restaurants, putting its own unique spin on beloved Japanese dishes. Outdoor seating, decadent sushi boats and an always-bustling crowd keep this a lively favorite amongst South Beach locals.
Sushi Couture has an enviable location right on Ocean Drive. Just a five-minute walk from the Blue Moon Hotel, guests can cruise past the neon-lit stretch of hotels and restaurants on their walk to dinner. Don't forget to take in the art deco architecture throughout the neighborhood as well.
You Need to Try This
The red miso is a hearty, salty delight that's a traditional starter for sushi outings. We also love Sushi Couture's hijiki salad with black simmered seaweed and daikon dressing. The lobster wontons are another can't fail way to kick off your meal at Sushi Couture.
Moving to the main attraction, there are a number of specialty rolls well worth a sample. We are huge fans of the orange dragon roll with spicy tuna, baked kani, spicy mayo and eel sauce. The golden flower roll is another dynamite selection with salmon. For a heartier option, give the Chilean sea bass with steamed mushrooms or rib eye steak with the chef's special truffle sauce a shot.
Closing things off, Sushi Couture's signature sorbet comes in bubble gum, green tea and cotton candy flavors. It also serve fried ice cream with vanilla, chocolate, green tea, and red bean options.
More info: / @sushimikasa
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