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Walking through the boisterous streets of South Beach, you’re bound to see a pack of loud and not-entirely-sober partiers roll by in a party bus—effectively a flashy club on wheels. This epic pregaming option is perfect for our neighborhood. Why? Here are five reasons why Miami Beach is the best place to party bus.

Ocean Drive

One of the more enjoyable parts of drinking on the road is that an entire city serves as the backdrop to your cocktail party. Nearby Ocean Drive is a staple attraction in South Beach, and one of the most iconic stretches of hotels and bars in the world, so what better place to ride through on your party bus?


From Fontainebleau to Twist, Miami Beach has a legendary club scene that encompasses the swanky and the rollicking dive. Bar hop by bus to explore these different and popping destinations without worrying about aimlessly wandering—or accidentally sobering up a bit.

Dress to Impress

The amount of button down shirts and miniskirts in South Beach will make your head spin. In a town where everybody is trying and failing to stand out from the rest, the party bus is one of few ways to create an air of superiority. In other words, it’s an amazing dude and chick magnet.

It’s Safe

As much as we are all about that party life, safety comes first. Sidestep the need for a designated driver, hailing a cab, or fumbling with the Uber app by sticking with the party bus.


South Beach is one of the most popular destinations in the world for bachelor, bachelorette and birthday parties. Honor the person you’ve taken down south and celebrate with a party bus that will make a night on the town that much more special.

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