House music lovers from around the world flock to Miami every March for Winter Music Conference. This ten-day event is an all-out spring break for adults and one of the most exciting times to be in in the Sunshine State.

What’s it all about?

DJs Louis Possenti and Bill Kelly founded the first Winter Music Conference (WMC) all the way back in 1986 when electronic was just a fledgling genre. It was an event to bring insiders, record label reps, producers, and media together to collaborate. DJs test their skills in spin-offs and there is even a VJ Challenge. In addition to the contests, panels and discussions, there are exhibits of the industry’s latest technology and products, and the International Dance Music Awards.


DJs, producers, and music entrepreneurs can attend events at the conference to learn everything they need to know to make it in the industry. There are talks on innovations in production technology, how to distribute your music, how to get radio exposure, legal advice, dealing with the media, entering foreign markets, and how to take advantage of different revenue streams. In addition, there are remixing and editing workshops with opportunities to get feedback on work from peers at the demo listening workshop.

Pool Parties & Club Events

There’s always something to do at WMC. The pool parties begin around noon. After you’re done dancing in your bikini or trunks, it’s time to rally, because club events can go on till 5am or later. The List is a guide to all of the week’s official happenings.

Ultra Music Festival

Ultra Music Festival happens on the first three days of WMC, March 18-March 20, and is certainly the conference’s most well known event. Fans are exposed to huge headliners as well as pioneering talent, and, with nine different stages, all genres of EDM are on display from house to dubstep to trap to trance and indie.

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