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How To Dress For A Miami Winter

Posted by: Blue Moon Hotel
08 Nov
How To Dress For A Miami Winter
Winter in Miami can be confusing. In the mornings in can be as low as 60, which is freezing by Miami standards and nights can be hot and humid. With the fast changing temperatures, you'll notice that when it comes to fall fashion, Miami is unique.

Booties or Boots

Whether thigh, mid, or ankle-high, everyone loves a good pair of boots. As soon as it hits 70 degrees, Miamians will find any reason to break them out. You'll find them worn all different ways tucked into jeans, with short shorts, with tights, and dresses.

Cut-Out Sweaters

Since it's too chilly to not cover up, but sunny enough to get you heated up, cut-out sweaters are the perfect item to wear for the transition. Pair with skinny jeans and booties and you have a foolproof fall outfit.

Plaid Shirts

Plaid is great to wear all year round, but especially dark and red hues during the fall. Like booties, these shirts look good with anything jeans, tucked in skirts, and even shorts. Because they are so versatile, they are ideal for the ever changing Miami weather.


Scarves are another one of those staple winter accessories that people love to mix and match with in Miami. Down here, people wear scarves with tank tops and v necks for one those cool but not-cool-enough days, easily upgrading otherwise casual outfits.


Just because it starts to get a bit cooler than usual, doesn't mean South Floridians are ready to give up their sandals. It might be because we don't own anything else but no matter how cold it is, you'll always find someone wearing their flip flops. Finding some with sandals and a hoodie and shorts heading to the beach in not uncommon in South Beach during colder months.
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