When you travel somewhere new, it’s always exciting to sidestep the same old tourist traps, and discover the spots that locals love most. Offering a little perspective from down south, we put together a short list of five spots locals love in South Beach.

Puerto Sagua Restaurant

Located just a few doors down from The Blue Moon Hotel, Puerto Sagua is one of the best Cuban restaurants in Miami Beach. Locals have kept this affordable and eclectic spot open for years, because of its flawless renditions of Cuban classics like black beans and rice, ropa vieja, and Cuban coffee.

Puerto Sagua Restaurant. 700 Collins Ave. Miami Beach, FL. 305.673.115

Kill Your Idol

Miami Beach is famous for its swanky nightclubs and expensive drinks, so it’s natural that locals dodge the crowds at local dive bars. Kill Your Idol is one of the best examples of such a place, with cheap beer, a jukebox, and an unpretentious crowd. Drag Night on Mondays, Karaoke Thursdays, and Burlesque Fridays add some extra fun throughout the week.

Kill Your Idol. 222 Espanola Way. Miami Beach, FL. 305.672.1852

La Sandwicherie

Have you ever been to a lunch spot that has such fresh, flavorful offerings that you instantly fell in love? Because that’s what happens to locals and tourists who eat at La Sandwicherie, one of Miami Beach’s best healthy-eating establishments. On your next visit, grab some fresh-squeezed juice and a healthy SOBE Club with turkey, brie, and avocado.

La Sandwicherie. 229 14th St. Miami Beach, FL. 305.532.8934

Lummus Park

Set between the iconic Ocean Drive and South Beach, Lummus Park is a long-running parkway, where locals and tourists stroll and hang everyday. Take a soothing rollerblade ride, buy a coconut from a sidewalk vendor, or just walk the park and people watch. Right in the heart of SoBe, Lummus Park is an excellent place to start your tour of the island.

Lummus Park. Miami Beach, FL.

11th Street Diner

Every town has a quintessential diner that’s open around the clock, and serves dishes from seemingly every country in the world. 11th Street Diner is no exception, and that’s why locals love it. Come by for a boozy brunch, an Argentinian steak, some local surf and turf, and so much more.

11th Street Diner. 1065 Washington Ave. Miami Beach, FL. 305.534.6373