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Back in the day, the Blue Moon Hotel took over the former Lafayette Hotel. The building itself was a selling point from the get-go, with its Mediterranean Revival-style architecture. Attracted to the the signature arches above the main windows, the coral stonework surrounding the main entrance, and the cast iron ornamentation throughout, the founders of Blue Moon knew they had to get their hands into the neighborhood’s rich design history.

The origins of our very own Collins Avenue date all the way back to the late 1800’s. Without its iconic high rises, palm-fringed resorts, and Art Deco buildings, Miami Beach was just a swampy old town. Meanwhile, New Jersey businessman John Collins was in Miami working on a coconut business that would ultimately fail. Later, his son and son-in-law joined him, and together they came up with the idea of purchasing land and transforming Miami Beach into a resort town.

Until this time, Miami Beach was an island with no roads connecting it to mainland Miami. In one of his most iconic moves, our historic developer erected the Collins Bridge, thus opening the gates to this southern paradise.

The street that Blue Moon sits on has since become the acclaimed Collins Avenue. Known by some as Millionaires Row, this posh thoroughfare is home to a clutch of famous Art Deco hotels, and some of the country’s most upscale retail lining the street between 9th street and 6th street.

The Blue Moon Hotel—both a new, boutique hotel and a property listed on the National Register of Historic Places—has adopted its storied address with both pride, as well as a progressive eye.