While warm Christmas is common South Florida, cool weather can, on occasion, creep its way down to the tip of America’s favorite peninsula.  For when the temperature dips , here are some of our favorite articles of clothing to pull out from the back of the closet .


Nothing says, “I’m so excited it’s cold outside,” like a nice beanie.  Everyone knows keeping your head warm is the key to tricking your body into adapting to cold weather. You can pick one up at American Eagle Outfitters on Lincoln Road.


Long socks let you easily express yourself while adding just the perfect amount of warmth. See, in Miami, the temperature may be so that you feel it is appropriate to wear shorts, but you might want a little something extra to keep the chill off.   Take the opportunity to sport a funky style on your calf like Nacho Libre or a goofy reindeer. There are lots of cool styles at High Five Skateboards on James Avenue, and they have two for one deals sometimes.


Spending time near the water, a windbreaker is a must.  Oftentimes, winds in South Florida can raise as high as  20 or 30 miles per hour.  It may not be freezing, but that cool ocean air can really get to you. Miami is also known for it’s unpredictable downpours, so use your new windbreaker as a raincoat too.  The good thing is that you will fit right in if you get invited to spend the day on someone’s sailboat! Macy’s in South Beach has lots of great brands like Ralph Lauren that make comfortable and classy windbreakers.


The perfect anytime foot fashion for all instances of cool weather is most definitely an iconic pair of UGG Boots. The beauty of these shoes is that they are so easy to take on and off and go well with almost any outfit for men and women.  And they don’t only make winter boots, but a variety of more casual footwear, so your feet won’t sweat! There’s even a dedicated UGG store on Collins where you can get, not only footwear, but anything from shirts to hoodies to robes and more!


The large-knit poncho is a popular cool weather piece for women in Miami.  It’s not too heavy, breathes well, and looks really cute!  You can pick one up at Forever 21 on Lincoln Road.