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Miami Beach Poseidon Greek Restaurant

Poseidon Greek Restaurant and Outdoor Lounge is one of the best Miami Beach restaurants, serving a delightful taste of the Mediterranean right here in Florida. Candlelit tables on the patio invite guests to indulge in their authentic offerings with the shade of palm trees ahead and the lively world of Miami Beach.
Just one block up and a few over from Blue Moon, Poseidon is a five minute walk from the Blue Moon Hotel. On Washington Avenue, it's just a couple blocks from Ocean Drive and the beach, making it an ideal and convenient retreat after a day of sunbathing, shopping and exploring the most popular parts of South Beach.
You Need to Try This
Begin your meal by indulging in one of of Poseidon Restaurant and Outdoor Lounge's many starters. Keep it classic with house made tzatziki or hummus and fresh pita bread, or explore a little bit with taramosalata-a spread made from salted roe, bread crumbs and olive oil. .
Moving onto the main course, there are a whole lot of options well worth a sample. Grilled wild boar chops, swordfish and filet mignon are all hearty and memorable meats available with sides like feta spinach, wild mushrooms and lemon baked potatoes. For opponents of meat consumption, we highly recommend the veggie moussaka, which is comprised of portobello mushrooms, roasted eggplant, zucchini, feta and tomato sauce.
Last but not least, Poseidon's desserts are another sampling of the Mediterranean's most beloved dishes. We love the baklava and pure honey syrup
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