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Miami Beach HUAHUA'S Taqueria

Huahua's is a comprehensive Mexican taqueria on a sleepy section of Lincoln Road. This quiet storefront with outdoor seating has garnered a reputation for affordable, standout spot for super-fresh Mexican cuisine since opening in 2013.
Huahua's is located on the western end of the wildly popular Lincoln Road Mall, comfortably separated from most Miami Beach restaurants clustered to the east. Across the island from the Blue Moon Hotel, it's a ten minute drive or twenty minute walk through scenic Flamingo Park or down Lincoln Road with its designer boutiques.
You Need to Try
If you're sitting down for a full lunch or dinner, be sure to indulge in at least a couple of their starters. The elote is a grilled Mexican sweet corn with cotija cheese, cilantro and spicy mayo. The housemade guacamole is also a win with chunky fresh avocado holding it down. Main courses can be chosen from a variety of specialty tacos and burritos. We are particularly partial to the shrimp burrito with spanish rice, black beans and a chili lime vinaigrette. The crispy pescado tacos are another slam dunk keeping up with the city's favorable seafood options.
Late night diners can put their faith in a bottle of Pacifico and an array of tacos. Try the charred portobello filled Hongos Magicos, pollo al pastor with charred pineapple and breakfast with cheesy eggs, carnitas, hash browns and cilantro.
More info: / @huahuastaco
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