Late-night-uncensored television is in large part curated and championed by HBO. Hits like Game of Thrones and The Sopranos have shocked and mesmerized audiences for years while flashy half-hour productions like Entourage and Bored to Death have capitalized on fantasy and humor.

This summer, the prolific studio has released two new half hour programs. The Brink is a fantastic political farce starring Jack Black and Tim Robbins, and Ballers explores the glam and glitz of Miami Dolphins football players.

In Ballers, pro-wrestler-turned-actor, Dwayne Johnson—or The Rock to anybody who grew up in the 90s—stars as a financial advisor trying to help physically-talented yet financially-novice football players save their earnings. A promising start with decent acting, spearheaded by the always-funny Rob Corddry has since turned into a raucous, flashy party show filled with sex, drugs and some super-cheesy one-liners.

Looking at the program, it could go in two directions. The first is that it will get cheesier and lose any semblance of plot and ultimately get cancelled. The second is that it will thrive on that Entourage-appeal and skate by on the reenacted fantasy of being a rich, pro athlete in Miami.

So, what does this over-the-top new drama say about the city where the story takes place?

Well, firstly, from LeBron to Michael Irving, we do have an undeniable history of being a money-spending, clubbing capital for famous ballers of all kinds. The Greater Miami Area is also the ideal place for new, rich professionals to take their earnings and create a larger-than-life existence.

Looking at everything together, the new comedy that takes place in and around our fair city may or may not become a hit, but it does give an accurate portrayal of what a ridiculous place this is. The hookups are real, the glitzy yacht parties and VIP club gatherings are also real, and if any prospective visitors want a taste of what could be, if they’re willing to drop a pretty penny, they should check out how the Rock and his clients get down on Sunday nights.


image via flickr