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The Best Places To Day-Drink In Miami Beach

Posted by: Blue Moon Hotel
26 Jul
The Best Places To Day-Drink In Miami Beach
There are plenty of places to get a world-class cocktail, and premium buzz in Miami Beach, but the game changes when you decide to start the party a little early. Looking at sunny and happening spots, we put together a list of the best places to day-drink in Miami Beach.

The Early Happy Hour Spots

Check out some of the best happy hours in South Beach for finds like Monty's Sunset, where you can day-drink on the water until the sun goes down. Another great option is Doraku a Japanese restaurant with two happy hours a day, one of them starting at noon! This is the spot for parties looking to get the celebration started early.

The Golf Course

Some folks equate vacation with getting out on the golf course, which serves as one of the best places in the world to day-drink. Our tropical climate makes Miami Beach a world-class golfing, and partying destination all year round. Those of you trying to have a drink and hit the links should check out one of the best golf courses in Miami Beach for options near The Blue Moon Hotel.  

Ocean Drive

Just a block away from the Blue Moon Hotel, Ocean Drive is an iconic cultural touchstone of Miami Beach's South Beach neighborhood and Art Deco District. Lined with sidewalk restaurants and bars serving large, colorful cocktails, it's probably the most popular spot to day-drink in South Beach. Be sure to pop by and check out the scene during your next stay.

South Beach

The main attraction of our city and neighborhood is the world-class beach. Now, if you're like most people, the idea of a cocktail or beer on the beach is always enticing. If you go this route, just be sure to be careful with your booze, as it's not exactly legal to get drunk on the shore. You can also check out one of the city's many coastal bars and restaurants.

The Blue Moon Hotel

Guests of The Blue Moon Hotel always have a choice spot to day-drink in Miami Beach. Our onsite pool and patio area gives you a great spot to indulge in the sun, while our onsite restaurant FIX can prepare the best cocktails and dishes for your enjoyment. Its location also makes the hotel a great starting point for a night out around South Beach.
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