If you’re a fan of sweets, then you need to know where to find the best at every destination you visit. From its trendy cafe scene to a some local specialists, Miami Beach is chock-full of sweet, chocolate bites for you to try.

Miami Beach Chocolate Dream Gift Basket
At Miami Beach Chocolates

Miami Beach’s leading chocolatier, Miami Beach Chocolates is the local place to go for holiday and birthday gift baskets, as well as decadent mixed boxes. The Miami Beach Chocolate Dream Gift Basket features an array of different bite-size treats with candied fruit, almonds, and sprinkles adding together for a colorful presentation.

Miami Beach Chocolates. 456 W 41st St. Miami Beach, FL. (305) 532-4949

Chocolate Decadence
At The Frieze Ice Cream Factory

Miami Beach is a hot, tropical destination, which means that most days here pair well with a nice, cold ice cream. Keeping things chocolate, Frieze Ice Cream Factory has an array of dazzling options like s’mores and vanilla fudge swirl. Our favorite, however, is Chocolate Decadence, which consists of rich, imported Italian chocolate and vanilla chips.

The Frieze Ice Cream Factory. 1626 Michigan Ave. Miami Beach, FL. (786) 502-9236

S’Mores Deluxe Cookies
At Insomnia Cookies

This popular cookie franchise has just one location in Miami Beach, where you can find some of the best chocolate cookies in town. The double chocolate mint, and double chocolate chunk are both solid go-to options, but we are a fan of the rich, fluffy s’mores deluxe, which features dark chocolate and warm marshmallow. The brownie a la mode is another great options for chocolate-lovers who decide to divert from the cookie.

Insomnia Cookies. 1227 Washington Ave. Miami Beach, FL. (877) 632-6654

The Chocolate Bowl
At Under The Mango Tree Miami

This health-food shop has an exceptional array of fresh smoothies, and bowls for tasty nutrients at all hours of the day. While such spots don’t normally speak to sweet-teeth, this one does with its famous Chocolate Bowl—raw acai blended with organic cacao and banana. It comes topped with banana, coconut shavings, Miami honey, and raw organic cacao nibs.

Under The Mango Tree Miami. 714 6th St. Miami Beach, FL. (786) 558-5103

All Of Your Favorites
At Dylan’s Candy Bar

For those who just want to go to a giant candy store while visiting Miami Beach, you’re in luck. The famous Lincoln Road Mall has its own rendition of New York City’s famous Dylan’s Candy Bar. Chocolate-covered gummy bears, ice cream, local chocolates, and so much more are available here. It also has any classic chocolate bar you can think of.

Dylan’s Candy Bar. 801 Lincoln Rd. Miami Beach, FL. (305) 531-1988