Party Like a Rap Star: Hip Hop Video Locations in Miami Beach

speed boat

Miami Beach is known around the world for being a place where anybody can party like a boss-superstar. Larger than life rappers have been making this tropical town the inspiring home for their tunes and videos for several years. Spanning from major, mainstream club bangers to local, home-grown hip-hop, Miami Beach hosts and inspires all leve   ls of this poetic artform. As rap music videos have long stood as the platform for multi-sensory insight into this illustrious, big-timer universe, we’ve decided to look at the local scene inside the big screen. To help guide guests towards the fantasy of partying like a rap star, we’ve decided to point out a few of our favorite hip hop video locations in Miami Beach.


The club holds a special place in the history of rap videos. With an incredible nightlife, it’s an easy conclusion that Miami Beach music videos are bound to feature some of the best places to party in the city. The music video for the Rick Ross track, Supreme features The Clevelander, which is a classic Miami Beach club with great music and a sweet roofdeck. Fellow Miami hip-hop stars Trick Daddy and Pitbull can also be scene in various Miami Beach night clubs in their music videos. While not a club exactly, the Templehouse is a haven in Miami Beach for private events, weddings and film shoots. The mixture of events and film shoots lets this space live inside the club-rap-video universe while maintaining an air of pure originality. A 2013 piece on notes that Templehouse has hosted several music videos including one done by hip-hop legends Lil’ Wayne and Drake.


Obviously the individual boats shown in numerous rap videos are privately owned and inaccessible to the general public. The boat party, however, is such a huge part of Miami Beach party culture and the rap video identity that it seems necessary to mention in this piece.

One of the most expensive and famous music videos ever made featured the song Miami by Will Smith. In the video, Smith raps in Miami streets, on the beach and on an awesome little speedboat. The DJ Khaled video for We Takin’ Over features stars like: Akon, TI, Rick Ross and Fat Joe spitting verses while cruising on their own small race boats. The note to take from all of this is, if you want to party like a rapstar in Miami Beach, get out on the water.


Building off boats and clubs to complete the trifecta of what’s best in Miami Beach, beaches naturally come in as one of our favorite places where hip-hop videos are shot. Jennifer Lopez famously danced in the Miami sand in the beloved Love Don’t Cost a Thing video. Sisqo sang amongst a sea of beautiful women dancing on a Miami beach. Will Smith, Rick Ross and more have all shared the glory of hip-hop stardom by including Miami Beach’s world famous outdoor hangouts in their videos. Looking at it all, there are a lot of spots in Miami Beach where you can party like a rapstar.