For those of you who want to dig a little bit deeper than Miami’s famous party and dining scenes, there’s plenty of weird and offbeat stuff to explore. These five spots will show you some strange sides of the city, and of yourself!

World Erotic Art Museum

Just like The Blue Moon Hotel, The World Erotic Art Museum is located in the heart of South Beach’s Art Deco District. Hands down one of the strangest and most magnetic cultural touchstones of the city, this is the world’s largest public-view collection of erotic art. From paintings to sculptures, from ancients to contemporaries, the museum is quite comprehensive.

World Erotic Art Museum. 1205 Washington Ave. Miami Beach, FL. 305-532-9336

Monkey Jungle

There are no other attractions in Miami quite like Monkey Jungle, “Where the humans are caged and monkeys run wild.” The unique environment where monkeys are free to explore contained habitats allows visitors to take part in a number of “jungle experiences.” You can hang with orangutans, check out the Wild Monkey Swimming Pool, and observe the inhabitants of the Cameroon Gorilla Forest.

Monkey Jungle. 14805 SW 216th St. Miami, FL. 305-235-1611

Wynwood Walls

Located in the hip, art-centric neighborhood of Wynwood, the Wynwood Walls isn’t weird on its own. It’s actually an exceptional collection of well-curated street art. That being said, this street art is as imaginative and out-there as it gets. Visit and check out the fantastical worlds painted by artists like Lady Pink, Crash, and Aiko.

Wynwood Walls. 2520 NW 2nd Ave. Miami, FL. 305-531-4411

Miami Circle

The Miami Circle at Brickell Point Site is a perfect circle of 38 feet containing 24 smaller holes cut into a piece of limestone bedrock. It is famous for being the only evidence of a prehistoric permanent structure imprinted into bedrock in the Eastern United States. Located in a park by the water in Brickell, it’s an easy visit and a lovely place to hang out.

Miami Circle. Miami, FL.

Wet Willie’s

Wet Willie’s is a classic Miami Beach bar that serves a wide array of fruity, slushy, alcoholic beverages. While this type of establishment isn’t all that weird, especially in a neighborhood like SoBe, it is one of the best place to get weird in the city. Most drinks are stocked with grain alcohol and have names like “Call A Cab” and “Shock Treatment.”

Wet Willie’s. 760 Ocean Dr. Miami Beach, FL. 305-532-5650