Happy couple at the bar enjoying the cocktail party

There are few better places to meet singles than here in South Beach! To help you navigate all the beautiful fishes in this social sea, we’ve broken down some quintessential local types to keep your eye out for:

Bar Hoppers

These bar maidens and bros can be found in one of South Beach’s dive bars like Mac’s Club Deuce, Ted’s Hideaway, and The Room. A perfect date for them would be a crazy night at Lost Weekend and a playful game of billiards followed by some yummy late-night grub.

Gym Rats

You’ll find these buff beauties at South Beach’s most raved about gyms like Equinox, or working the equipment at nearby Lummus Park. Consider fitness-themed dates like jogs on the sand, long swims, and a bite from a healthy restaurant like La Sandwicherie.

Book Lovers

If you’re looking for a nerdy fellow or lady with their noses dug into a book, check out local hangout Books & Books. The Mediterranean-style building still has it’s original 80-year-old fireplace, beamed ceilings, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and it’s own full-service café. Here, you can find like-minded individuals to exchange your favorite stories with.

Art Enthusiasts

These hipster hunks and babes can be found contemplating art at one of South Beach’s art museums. To win their heart take them to BASS, a contemporary museum, or The Wolfsonian-FIU followed by craft beers at Kill Your Idol. You can analyze the quirky decor including a statue of Bruce Lee and an astronaut hanging from the roof.

Beach Babes

Tall, tan, and beautiful—the beach babes can be found playing beach volleyball at Lummus Park, or tanning along the shores of South Beach. Their dream date is a quick grab-and-go lunch like a make-your-own salad from GO GO to enjoy seaside in the sun.