Passed out in the bathtub

Between the clubs, the pools and the city’s ‘round-the-clock party atmosphere, it’s easy to get carried away in Miami Beach. For every night spent wrapped up in SoBe revelry, there’s the less exciting prospect of waking up the next day with bleary eyes, a pounding headache, and a lingering case of the regrets.

But it doesn’t have to be so bad. Thanks to some South Beach-specific remedies — some scientific, some not-so-much — you can wake up (relatively) early and hit the beach revitalized, rested and ready for another day in the South Florida sunshine.

REVIV Miami Beach

REVIV Miami Beach is the perfect remedy for those “can’t make it out of bed” mornings — because they make house calls. This upscale spa — with its headquarters just minutes from Blue Moon Hotel — provides a number of innovative ways to recover from a late night, dehydration, or even jet lag after a long flight to South Florida. The service offers IV infusions, energy booster shots, skin revitalization treatments on-location and via concierge delivery, giving you the gift of good health at a premium price point.

Miami Beach Hotel Room Relaxation

Each of the rooms and suites at the Blue Moon Hotel Miami Beach is equipped with everything you need to build your own temple to relaxation. Luxuriate in an upscale cotton bathrobe, get your caffeine fix with a fresh-brewed cup from the in-room Keurig®, revive and restore your skin with high-end bath amenities, and relax with high-speed Wi-Fi and full cable TV service. Best of all, you’ll enjoy the benefit of light-eliminating curtains.

Miami Beach Boardwalk

The city itself provides the perfect antidote to an under-the-weather morning. Head out to the four-mile boardwalk lining the beautiful beach and take a stroll or jog to clear the cobwebs and get acquainted with the spectacular sunrise over the Atlantic. Here in Miami Beach, we’re treated to once-in-a-lifetime views every single day. Soak it up.

Outdoor Splash Pool

When you’re feeling down and out, just relax and let South Florida’s good vibes find you. The perfect place to spend a lazy morning is the outdoor pool at the Blue Moon Hotel. Doze last night’s fun away, wake up with a plunge into the crystal clear water, or stay connected via poolside high-speed Wi-Fi.