People in an art gallery looking at artwork. It's a gallery opening with artist and gallery owner guiding people through the exhibition. In the picture the gallery owner explaining art to an interested group of visitors.

In case you missed it, earlier this month Art Basel, Miami’s biggest event of the year came and went, leaving those who couldn’t attend with FOMO. Celebrities like Calvin Harris, and Kid Cudi hit the streets of South Beach and Wynwood to celebrate the world’s most notable artists. Here were a few of our favorite artists who attended:

Aaron Curry

Born in 1972 in San Antonio, Texas, Aaron Curry combines abstraction and conceptualism to form his dimensional paintings and sculptures. His use of bright neon colors also adds to the 3D effect that made his paintings to stand out. His work was part of the David Kordansky Gallery exhibition.

Rirkrit Tiravanija

After learning the results of this year’s presidential election, Rirkrit Tiravanija created this mix-media work to express his thoughts on the event. It is not common that artwork created just months before a show will be exhibited. Thi newspaper-print piece along with other works was featured by Gavin Brown’s Enterprise at this year’s Art Basel.

Robert Longo

When looking at Robert Longo’s work, it initially looks like beautifully detailed black and white photography, but it is actually charcoal on canvas. The American painter and sculptor had his work on display by the Galerie Hans Mayer. He rose to fame with his “Men in the Cities” series in which he photographed men in suits in contorted gestures and then enlarged the photos using a project so he can trace them into larger than life pieces.

John M. Armleder

John Armleder does not have one distinct style. He combines suprematism, minimalism, and geometric patterns. At this year’s Basel, he shared a sprawling piece comprised of dripping, glittery paint, which was mesmerizing to walk by. The German performance artist, painter, and sculptor had his work on display by the David Kordansky Gallery.

Damien Hirst

Van De Weghe Fine Art presented Damien Hirst, an English installation artist. He uses several mediums like paintings made from ashtray and even dead animals submerged in formaldehyde tanks. His work, which usually surrounds the topic of death, featured a large heart with preserved butterflies floating behind glass.