Eat, Drink and Be Entertained at the Best Nightclubs in Miami Beach


With all of its tropical splendor, diverse and vibrant culture, history and beautiful architecture, Miami Beach holds its own as a multi-faceted city. Keeping this in mind, there’s no harm in embracing the fact that Miami Beach is also, in a big way, a party destination. Beautiful celebrities, famous socialites and generally fun people tend to flock to the city’s diverse and executive nightlife scene. With so much to choose from right outside Blue Moon Hotel on Collins Avenue, we’ve decided to sift through these world-class parties and list out a few of the best nightclubs in Miami Beach.

Mango’s Tropical Cafe

900 Ocean Dr
Miami Beach, FL 33139

This fun, unique establishment is a great place for first time visitors of Miami Beach to get a taste for local nightlife. Serving up delicious dinners earlier in the evening, accompanied with a dance show and performance by the staff, Mango’s eases customers in as they transition throughout the night from a restaurant into a dance club. This club plays a variety of party music ranging from Hip-Hop to Latin to Reggaton. An incredibly colorful venue aesthetic and super fun clientele makes this nightclub one that successfully represents everything great about partying in Miami Beach.

Ivy Nightclub Miami

1045 5th St
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Ivy Nightclub in Miami Beach is a great place to start exploring the city’s high end, decadent nightclub scene. This new spot boasts an upscale venue filled with top-tier lighting and sound throughout. Ivy’s two floor space spreads out VIP sections about the venue making it an ideal place to grab a table. Throwing events every Friday and Saturday, it looks like Ivy is the new hot spot to club in Miami Beach. With hype often being a tough thing to confirm, one thing that may convince readers is the fact that Lil Wayne just had a birthday party a Ivy. Check out what drew one of Hip-Hop’s biggest names along with the most attractive and fun people in Miami Beach at this hot new club.


The Cabaret South Beach

233 12th St
Miami Beach, FL 33139
For some more old school and laidback late night entertainment, the Cabaret South Beach is a great new venue. With members of the staff taking part in various performances throughout the night, the Cabaret also hosts a nice variety of musical guests. Located in the heart of SoBe, this small nightclub is an excellent example of the variety that exists in the Miami Beach nightlife scene. For no cover, stop by the Cabaret South Beach for some top of the line entertainment.