Miami may be known for wild parties that never end. But it’s also a fantastic place to relax. Discover the best ways to cool off, chill out, nourish your spirit and recharge your batteries on South Beach.

10 Top Ideas for Relaxing in Miami Beach

Sometimes you just need to chill out, slow down, and savor the moment. Plan a relaxing weekend in South Beach and enjoy laid-back attractions and activities. Find your balance and discover our favorite ways to relax in Miami.

How to Chill out in South Beach

1. Go for a swim in the ocean. You might think that South Beach is just for strutting – but swimming in Miami’s warm waters can truly restore your soul.

2. Lounge on the beach with a good book. We offer access to beach lounge rental chairs on Miami Beach, so you can unwind in style.

3. Sunbathe (safely). Slap on the sunscreen and soak up that vitamin D. Spending a few hours in the sun is guaranteed to make you feel calm and centered.

4. Take a morning stroll. See a totally different side of South Beach when you wake up early for a sunrise walk along the beach.

5. Sip a cocktail by the pool. Cool off with a fruity cocktail on the patio by our sparkling splash pool.

6. Build a sandcastle. Release your inner child and make a masterpiece of sand and sea.

7. Cruise on two wheels. You can borrow one of our specially designed bikes for a leisurely bike ride along the beach.

8. Take pictures. Have fun taking photos that will be the envy of your friends on your social media feeds.

9. Listen to your favorite music. All you need to escape from the hubbub is to plug in with a pair of headphones and a playlist.

10. Linger over a long meal at Fix Restaurant. Our chic, indoor/outdoor bistro is the perfect place to slow down and savor your meal.

Relax on South Beach at Our Blissful Boutique Hotel

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