Miami has one of the most eclectic and celebrated professional sports fanbases in the world. Over the next few months, we’ll enjoy an exciting blend of baseball, football, and basketball, with a ton of great home games coming along the way. Here are some of the best sporting events coming to Miami:

Dolphins vs Saints
Sunday, October 1st

In one of their earliest home matchups of the 2017 season, our own Miami Dolphins will take on the high-flying New Orleans Saints in what’s guaranteed to be an electric start to the month of October. Will Miami’s defense be able to hold off Drew Breez’s incredible Saints offense? Will Jay Cutler bring new light to the Miami football scene? Come out to find out!

Braves vs Marlins
Sunday, October 1st

On the same day, you can also opt to check out the last home game of the Miami Marlins season. While they’re likely not going to be in playoff contention, this afternoon game against the Atlanta Braves still promises to an exciting match up. At over 50 HRs in early September, Giancarlo Stanton will hopefully add on to his impressive season to close out the year.

Heat vs Pacers
Saturday, October 21st

On October 21st, The Miami Heat will kick host their first home game of the 2017-18 regular season. Squaring off against the tough, and well-staffed Indiana Pacers, it promises to be a fun night of basketball. For those who haven’t been to the American Airlines Arena, there are few more exciting and beautiful places to watch an NBA game.

Heat vs Warriors
Sunday, December 3d

Jump forward a month, and the Heat will get to host the reigning NBA champion Golden State Warriors, Essentially an all-star team, the Warriors are likely to repeat their bid this year, and will surely bring a whole lot of firepower to this Miami matchup. Head out to see some of the biggest names in basketball, and a possible upset by our own Heat.

Dolphins vs Patriots
Monday, December 11th

The Dolphins-Patriots games at the end of the season are always an exciting time in Miami. We’ve had a fair amount of luck taking down the world champions in this position before, and we are just as confident this year. For fans and visitors, it promises to be a super competitive matchup.