Grub after Club: Best Late Night Restaurants in South Beach


Miami Beach has an energetic and passionate social culture centered around bars, clubs and nightlife. This scene attracts a lot of young, fun socialites to the city, but it also has other, less apparent side effects. With people pouring out of clubs throughout all hours of the night, there are a lot of alcohol soaked bellies craving some food after hours of dancing and laughing. Some people call it the drunk munchies, some people call it drunchies, regardless, if you’re partying in South Beach, it’s definitely worth figuring out where you can grub after the club. So you don’t have to go on an overextended post-party food search, we’ve laid out a short list of the best late night restaurants in South Beach.


Pizza Bar

For as long as people have been going to get food after a night out partying, pizza has been one of the most revered and sought after hunger solutions. Luckily for guests of Blue Moon Hotel, Pizza Bar is located right on the iconic Collins Avenue [the same street as the hotel] and this restaurant serves arguably the best late night slice in town. Pizza Bar is known for their huge slices and eclectic menu. Open until 5am and well-stocked with beer for those still on the gravy train, Pizza Bar is a great place to wrap up a fun, late night in Miami Beach.

(305) 672-6880

1627 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139


La Sandwicherie

The greasy, fast, drunken meal is an absolute classic, but something healthy and fresh also has the potential to soothe those late night cravings. Our example, La Sandwicherie is a French inspired salad and sandwich shop in Miami Beach. Open until 5am, this local favorite is a must try for post-club grubbing. Some favorites include the Italian sandwich and the Alaskan sandwich— smoked salmon and mozzarella. Delicious at all times of the day, La Sandwicherie is something different for the late night crowd. The sandwiches will fill you up. The salads and juices will add something healthy to a night of partying and help ease your hangover, making this one well-rounded late night food spot.

(305) 532-8934

229 14th St
Miami Beach, FL 33139


Miami Mediterranean Cuisine

Mediterranean food is way up there on the list of favorable flavors for the drunk munchies. Serving up many meals stocked with vegetables, spice-filled meat and a variety of delicious sauces, it’s perfect for soothing hunger and awakening beer-dulled pallets. Miami Mediterranean Cuisine is the spot to pick up some of this delicious fare in Miami Beach. This great restaurant is open until 5am and serves up out of this world falafel and gyros. With take out and delivery, it’s got all you need for some satisfying grub after the club.


209 11th St
Miami Beach, FL 33139