Art lovers who are on their way to Miami or Miami Beach would be remiss to not visit Wynwood during their stay. In addition to being the home of world-famous art festival Art Basel, Wynwood is also home to many of the best art galleries in the world. Here are some of our favorites.

Wynwood 28

With two bronze statues standing out front, Wynwood 28 doesn’t immediately look like all of the other colorful, contemporary art galleries in Wynwood. Inside, however, you will find a variety of work on par with the best in the city. Head over for realist paintings, and unique photography and selfie exhibits.

Wynwood 28. 97 NW 25th St.

Wynwood Warehouse Project

The Wynwood Warehouse Project is a sleek, modern warehouse space that shows some of the most progressive and awe-inspiring art in the neighborhood. Focused on the local community, this is the place to check out the creative minds that have made this area a globally-respected arts destination over the past several years.

Wynwood Warehouse Project. 450 NW 27th St.

Art Fusion Galleries

Art Fusion Galleries is a famous group known for taking the best mid-career artists from around the world to show in its “Chelsea” style gallery throughout the year. From renowned works showing throughout the year, it’s also an excellent spot to find the city’s most sought-after art galas and gallery night events.

Art Fusion Galleries. 3550 N Miami Ave.

Wynwood Blank Canvas Project

The Wynwood Blank Canvas Project is a new gallery concept that focuses on bringing in work from renowned artists based around the globe, as well as introducing viewers to the world’s best emerging artists. Buyers and viewers will find inspiring works in this 7,000 square-foot exhibition space.

Wynwood Blank Canvas Project. 46 NW 36th St.

Gary Nader Fine Art

Gary Nader Fine Art is one of few art galleries in Wynwood that focuses exclusively on fine arts. The works shown here range from historical to modern and contemporary, and there’s an across-the-board focus on Latin American works, which speaks to the city’s diverse and colorful local population.

Gary Nader Fine Art. 62 NE 27th St.