Summer woman having fun at the beach

South Beach is different, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Our eccentricity and attitude keep this place special, with countless return visitors. Here are nine things that are OK in South Beach, but nowhere else.

Not using turn signals

Even if you’re a good driver, you’ll feel like you need to drive like a maniac to keep up with Miami drivers. Not recommended, but an undeniable part of our culture.

Running on “Miami time”

People will tell you they are five minutes away and either arrive closer to a half-hour late. Don’t be offended, it’s tough to get out of the sun!

Being overly proud of your area code

Being from the 305 isn’t just a saying, it’s a lifestyle. Travelers should join in and announce their digits!

Hurricane parties

While the rest of the country is bracing for a storm, in South Beach alcohol flies off the shelves in preparation for any big hurricane.

Speaking two different languages at the same time

It’s not common anywhere else in the states to hear people switching between English and Spanish. In SoBe, however, Spanglish is quite regular.

Eating at 4am

You’ll always find places open until the wee hours in South Beach, eager to feed all the hungry club goers.

Banging pots and pans to celebrate

What better way is there to celebrate The Heat winning than walking the streets banging a metal pot with a wooden spoon? That’s Miami fans for you.

Sleeping all day

Sometimes, especially in the summer, it’s too hot to do anything more than napping in the sun. Especially if you’re a patron of Miami’s unforgiving nightlife scene.

Keeping the party going

No matter when you’re in Miami, there will always be a party going. So, you never have to feel bad for pouring one more drink or hitting one more club.