Those of you who are planning vacations for this winter ought to look at Miami Beach as one of your premiere destination options. Its tropical climate, eclectic local culture, and exciting upcoming events all make Miami Beach an excellent winter destination. Here are seven reasons to visit Miami Beach this winter.

The Weather

When a large portion of the rest of the country are freezing their butts off, Miami Beach is actually at its nicest during the winter months. Still sunny enough for you to hang on the beach, it’s also filled with refreshing breezes and more tolerable temperatures than summertime.

The Heat

Don’t worry, we’re not still talking about the weather. Miami’s NBA representative The Heat is one of the most exciting basketball teams in the world. Come check out one of their games at our world-famous American Airlines Arena when you visit Miami this winter.

Art Basel

While it’s just before the technical start of winter, Art Basel is by far the biggest December event in Miami, so we had to include it. The international art fair takes place here in Miami Beach every year, and spawns countless gallery openings, showings, and parties around the city.

The Winter Music Conference

The Winter Music Conference is a week-long celebration of electronic music in Miami Beach every year. It’s a partner event with the world-famous Ultra Music Festival, and has been a premiere gathering for music-industry figures since the mid 80’s.

Winter Party 2018

Winter Party is an iconic festival that takes place every winter in Miami. Supported by the National LGBTQ Task Force, the series of dance parties, social events, and functions help raise critical funds for the city’s LGBTQ community.

Bacardi Miami Sailing Week

Back for another fun-filled stint this year, Bacardi Sailing Week is one of the most popular multi-class regatta events in the world. For those of you who are sailors, it’s well worth coming down. For regular travelers, the event is quite something and a great party.

It’s Never A Bad Time To Visit Miami

The last reason we have for you to visit Miami this winter, is that it’s always a great time to visit the city. The food, the parties, the events never stop and they’ll be at their best in the coming months. For some sun and fun, shoot down here and stay with The Blue Moon Hotel.