Winter is officially behind us, which means it’s time to get into the ocean when you come to South Beach. Swimming, body surfing, and just floating are all great uses of our warm coastline of Atlantic Ocean. For those who want a little more thrill, here are five watersports to enjoy in Miami Beach.


There’s nothing like feeling the rumble of a jetski under your bum as your blast through waves. The city is filled with vendors offering different jetski experiences, but one of our favorites is Miami Jet Ski Rental, which offers morning rides, visits to nearby islands, and dolphin safari adventures!

Miami Jet Ski Rental. Bayside Marketplace.401 Biscayne Blvd, Miami FL. (305) 457-1619


Not as intense as it looks, parasailing is one of the coolest and most unique watersports available in Miami Beach. Take off on a parachute attached to a boat, and enjoy spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean, and Miami skyline. With the beach, art deco hotels on Ocean Drive, and nearby skyscrapers, this city is quite a sight from the sky.

Miami Beach Parasail. Miami Beach, FL. (305) 266-4144

Deep Sea Fishing

Get up early one day on your next trip to Miami Beach, and head out to enjoy South Florida’s world class fishing. Black-fin tuna, mahi mahi, swordfish, marlin and so much more is out there waiting to be caught. Companies like Deep Sea Fishing Miami will take you out there with professionals, and equip you with all the necessary materials for a bountiful, yet relaxing day out on the water.

Deep Sea Fishing Miami. 10800 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL. (305) 785-0552


For those who love to sail, there’s nothing like trying out a new boat in a new city. Everyone else can have just as much fun taking out a chartered boat, and kicking back while a pro takes you around the city. Miami By Sail has special two, four, six, and eight our excursions, and special couples-themed outings.

Miami By Sail. 9 Island Ave, Miami Beach, FL. (305) 790-2874


Step into the future of watersports by trying flyboarding on your next trip to Miami. Strap-on two boots that act as literal jetpacks, shooting a steady stream of water out of the bottoms to send you flying into the air for floating, flipping, spinning, and diving. For easy flyboard rental and lessons, check out Miami Flyboard.

Miami Flyboard. Biscayne Bay Aquatic Preserves, 1635 N Bayshore Dr, Miami, FL. (844) 339-3359