Summer is right around the corner, which means it’s a great time to be outside in Miami Beach, especially when a food truck is by. For some of the city’s best eats to enjoy on the streets, the beach, and around town, here are the five best food trucks in Miami Beach.

Portofino Beach Club

While the Portofino Beach Club sounds like a classy country club, it’s actually one of South Beach’s most reputable and delicious food trucks. Located on South Beach, it makes filling up while spending a day in the sun that much easier. The truck serves up killer banana and pineapple smoothies, a great hamburger, and top-notch quesadillas.

Portofino Beach Club. 16 St. Miami Beach, FL. (786) 853-3350

House of Mac

This roaming food truck is the brainchild of Chef Teach, a Miami-based gourmet chef who puts his own spin on traditional cuisines. His world-famous mac and cheese is the hallmark of this roaming truck, but it’s also been known to dole out gourmet dishes like chicken and red velvet waffles, and chicken cordon bleu pasta.

House Of Mac. (305) 903-2534

Caja Caliente

This food truck isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, set on an awesome lot populated with outdoor couches and the local arts crowd, Caja Caliente is a hangout. Serving up a wide variety of upscale tacos, fresh poke bowls and ceviches, this is one of the best places to eat in all of Wynwood, which is a neighborhood stocked with critically-acclaimed restaurants.

Caja Caliente. 2634 NE 2nd Ave. Miami, FL. (786) 374-2720

F.A.T. Tacos

The name of this beloved, roaming  local food truck stands for, “Freestyle American Tacos,” and the offerings are as creative and delicious as they sound. The wide and eclectic menu carries influences from around the world with pico de gallo-laden Greek Style tacos, buffalo chicken tacos, bulgogi-beef Korean Style tacos and much more.  

FAT Tacos.  Phone number(415) 328-8226

Il Fiorentino

This is one of the best authentic Italian restaurants in Miami, and it is a mobile operation. Check out the il Fiorentino food truck when it comes by on your next trip to Miami Beach for some guaranteed great eats. From fresh pastas like gnocchi and ravioli, top-notch cheeses like burrata, the charm of Italy is well intact with Il Fiorentino’s offerings.

Il Fiorentino. (954) 552-1868