O, Miami Poetry Festival has one mission—to make every person in Miami experience a poem in April. The message? Poetry is for everyone. The month-long series of events and projects will also help you experience the beauty of this literary art form with readings, demonstrations and more unique activities. Here’s what we’re excited for:

Poetry in the Park

Take a stroll over to Soundscape Park, where you can catch a free 7,000 square foot Poetry Wallcast on the side of the New World Symphony. On Friday, April 8th, Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera, will be host the reading.

Rolling by the Beach on a Sunny Evening

Local architecture and design students created a special roller that will imprint poems into the sand of Miami Beach. As playful beachgoers and the incoming tide erase the poems each day, the project itself becomes a metaphor for the fleeting nature of language.

Favorite Poem Project

People from around the country submit videos of themselves reciting their favorite poem and talk about why it touches them personally. Winners of the Favorite Poem Project in Florida will have their recordings screened at The Wolfsonian, with a special recitation from the project’s founder Robert Pinsky.

Poetry Prescriptions

If you have the misfortune of finding yourself in the ER at Jackson Memorial Hospital this April, then you may encounter a silver lining. Patrons of the pharmacy will receive pill bottles with contemporary poems inside for the O, Miami Poetry Festival.

Under the Influence

At the Art Deco Welcome Center on Ocean Drive, poets will read their original works followed by pieces by those who have influenced them. Guest stars Kevin Young and Melanie Almeder will join Campbell McGrath at this interesting inspection of how artists affect one another with their creations.

Larry on the Lawn

Because it’s an election year, O, Miami decided to get un-political. Instead of putting out a sign demanding you to like a particular candidate, Miami-Dade residents and businesses will put out lawn signs with excerpts of Larry Levis poems, which tend to give undemanding messages with no agenda.

Sounds of the Times: Desert Music

This must-see show presents a collaboration of the New World Symphony and the vocal ensemble, Seraphic Fire. The featured performance is that of Steve Reich’s The Desert Music, which is based on the poetry of William Carlos Williams.

Topiary Poems

In parks and neighborhoods across Miami you will find plants that have been snipped and sculpted to spell out short poems. The Perfect Nothing Catalog will also put on educational and artistic workshops like aloe poem carving and making magazines with naturally made paper.

Image @omiamifestival